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Who am I?

Dong Huynh, born in 1958 - calls the Ancient City of Hoi An his native home - started his education at a tender age. His early studies of Chinese Calligraphy marked the start of his masterfully diversified education which lead him to the wonderful world of Arts and Culture. Currently, he holds a Bachelor degree in Vietnamese Philology at Hue University of Pedagogy, Bachelor degree of Psychology and Education of the University of Pedagogy in Hanoi, Bachelor degree of Foreign Languages at University of Da Nang, as well as a Masters degree in Arts of the University of Ha Noi.

At this moment, he lectures at the Univeristy of Quang Nam in the field of Pedagogy. In addition to teaching, he is an active collaborator with the Hoi An Cultural Center, Hoi An Heritage Conservation Center, especially focusing on the Hoi An Ancient Town Night Festival on the 14th of each lunar month. He is currently in charge of the Ancient Calligraphy Group - participating in various exhibitions, activities and cultural events all over the country including Quang Nam and Hoi An. He regularly participates in cultural activities on Hoi An and Japan on a yearly basis. He also takes part in working with local and national newspapers and magazines including: “Tourism newspapers”, “Kiến thức ngày nay- Today's knowledge” of The Union of Literature and Art Associations in Ho Chi Minh City, “Xưa và Nay- Past and Present Journal” of the science in Vietnamese history, “Quang Nam Culture Journal”, “Hoi An Culture Magazine” “Đất Quảng”, “Quangnam Universtiy bulletin of science” of the University of Quang Nam - his articles mainly focus on history, culture and Vietnamese language. He can be seen showcasing and performing live the art of Calligraphy at his gallery in the Hoi An Calligraphy Gallery. His many works of art are locally and internationally renowned.

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